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Our programs are ideal for employers, schools, sporting clubs and community groups.


Our programs are ideal for employers, schools, sporting clubs and community groups.

UV Sunscreen Station 

UV Sunscreen Stations available to purchase for your workplace, school or sporting club.

Our Sunscreen Stations provide:

  • a UV Meter that can be changed and updated at any time
  • an area to mount a large bottle of sunscreen
  • a mirror for easy sunscreen application
  • they come ready to be mounted

Early Detection on Site Skin Checks

Danger Sun Overhead’s onsite full body skin checks are especially popular with our clients. This service has helped reduce time away from work for checks and early detection for less evasive surgeries for return to work.

Our onsite skin checks are especially successful after a full DSO workshop, as once attendees have learnt their own risk of developing skin cancer the attendees are eager to have their skin checked as well as helps triage the site for the onsite checks. This service has also helped attendees take ownership of their own skin outside the workplace, with regular skin checks, again resulting in less evasive surgeries and time away from work.

Conference Speaking/Exhibitor Stands

Are your providing a Health and Well-being expo for your workplace, organisation, school or sporting group. Danger Sun Overhead can come speak with your organisations members through conference speaking or simply setting up an exhibitor stall. Danger Sun Overhead can also help you promote Sun Safety for your event .

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